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Final Fantasy VII

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Final Fantasy VII....what can I say about this game that hasn't been said already? Yes it made some people cry and Yes it turns some "Males" into Homosexuals because two guys with big or long blade but this isn't me slamming the game or praising this title. This is about my experience with this game. I have to warn you I am a fan of this game and this may be littered with spoilers. This game has been out since 1997 get over it :)

Final Fantasy 7 was my first final fantasy game. Final Fantasy 7 stared this man who everyone and their grand parents know named Cloud Strife. Cloud Strife was a mercenary who worked for a terrorist group who was all for saving the planet...maybe they were extreme but they wanted to safe thier planet from an evil organization. Now we got most of the game out of the way we'll get to the good stuff. MATERIA!!! I love that stuff. LIMIT BREAKS AND MATERIA! This FF brought soo much to the table. Spikey hair. Babes. Swords. Ultimate Magicks. and even had 3d graphics which were amazing at the time...and surprisingly enough still holds up. What would you do if you were told out of all the games that came out in 1997 that this one would possibly have the most effect coming from it's year? In anycase this game was amazing it had side quests and those were...mostly forgettable but the fact that they were there was great. I think it was great that in the middle of the main game that some of the side stuff was integrated like the motorcycle chase and Snow Boarding and Chocobo Racing. Oh yeah some lady dies at some point and people cry but don't worry she's worth more dead than alive...

this was a mess but let's try to go for bronze anyway.
I also liked the battle system at the time I didn't know how basic it was I thought it was totally unique at the time. I never once felt like any of the characters and never wanted to be any of them but the whole fact the even when the world falls apart and a man becomes an vegetable that he had support from an childhood friend is amazing. The story wasn't bad far from it but I can't say it was the best. What held me to 7 was the fact that Fighting felt nice but it took way too long to level up your materia you know the stuff I love.

So now that you gotten through most of this you're near the end the world is on the verge of destruction because some man who is obsessed with his mother wants to have a reunion where everyone is invited you finally get to fight him but he looks like a genetic experiment that has gone wrong...that's right he's got tentacles. So after your party jump him like an elite squad of power rangers he then transforms into this seraphic like creature....six wings for feet on on his holders and he is some how a "one winged angel" and now he can use his limit break called Super Nova where he summons power from beyond the solar system to destroy all the planets until it hit's you on earth...you'd never know you were on earth until this has happened and you'd never knew how strong you were until you survived a blast of energy that destroys planets like a Dragon Ball Z Character. And he can summon an cherub to drop your party's hp to 1.

Now that you beat him you are at the end and it's not even super nova that you were worrying about but a meteor which would destroy the planet. This Final battle takes place in the center of the planet which somehow survives great magics but couldn't survive a rock dropping. Whatever the case it was a lot of fun which raised a lot of question like why does the ending show me what happens in the far future instead of what happens what happens in the few years? This lead to FF7 to being Abused and getting way more attention than any other FF in existence.

I'll fix this another time but read it and critique
My favorite Character was Cloud and Tifa back in 1998 now it's Cid and Yuffie
My Favorite green Mateira was Contain and now it's Comet
My Favorite Red Materia was Knights of the Round and it Still is
My favorite Yellow Materia was Slash-All and now it's 2x Cut
My Favorite Purple materia was ALL and now it's Quadra Magic
My Favorite Pink Materia was Mega ALL and it still is
My Favorite Limit Break was Omni Slash and it still is although now I like Doom of the living also...I think that's it one of Yuffie's rank 3
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 01/AUG/97
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Really love the comparison fun facts at the end!
I already discussed stuff with you on facebook but I may as well share:

What the hell is up with Sephiroth at the end? I kinda don't think about it that much because I've grown so used to Final Fantasy doing stuff like that.
I mean... Kefka was a tiny little green sprite that turned into a four story tower that looked barely anything like him whatsoever..... I'm just used to it now I guess.
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